Frequently asked questions

Accommodation and registration

Why do all the online accommodation booking sites say all rooms are booked out in Goondiwindi?

Accommodation houses in Goondiwindi only put a small number of rooms on online booking sites. You must contact the relevant motel/hotel directly for accommodation bookings. See link to accommodation contacts and tourist information under the Visitors tab on the website

What if I am unable to make the registration opening times?

ou must collect your registration pack. If you are unable to make it you may make arrangements for another person to collect your race pack. You race pack contains timing chips and all other appropriate items or information you need for your race.

Super Saturday Events

Can we enter a team in the Firestarter Triathlon?

Yes, you can

Can my child do the Hell Kids Triathlon as a team?
No. Teams are not part of the Hell Kids Triathlon. Hell Kids Triathlon has very manageable distances. Leniencies in the swim leg are given to those children not confident in the water.

Hell of the west triathlon

Is it compulsory to have 2 biddons on my bike?

YES. This is for your own health and safety. Or you can have a hydration system that can hold 2 x 750ml biddons.

What aid stations are available on course?

40km Cycle Leg max. 2 x 750ml water bottles, bananas and toilet

60km Cycle Leg Self-service water

Run Leg There are 4 aid stations, one at the park (Water, Ice and Coke), one at the Cultural Centre (Water, Ice and Inifinit Nutrition), one at Picking St (Water, Ice and Coke) and one at the Golden Age Centre, near boat ramp (Water, Ice and Inifinit Nutrition). Please use aid stations at each pass.

I turned 50 years old on 15th January 2024, why has the registration put me in the 44-49 age group category?

The age of a triathlon entrant is as of 31/12/2024 as per Triathlon Australia Rules.

Will there be food and drink for spectators?

YES. There are food choices in the park on Saturday and Sunday ready to nourish and replenish supporters and athletes.

Can my team mates/supporters drive out to cheer me on in the cycle/run leg?

No, as increased traffic places cyclists at greater risk. Athletes are riding on an ‘open’ road that is quite narrow, additional traffic would be hazardous. 

Can I draft in this race?
p dir=”ltr”>No, drafting is not permitted and penalty boxes are used for violations.

Can I rack my bike on Saturday before the HOTW?

No. Bike racking is only available on Sunday morning.

Can a person under 18 years compete in a HOTW Team?

As per Triathlon Australia information on ‘maximum allowable race distance rule’ it states you must be 18years+. In the past we have allowed 16years+ to race in a team leg with written permission from parents and swim coach which is then presented to the Club and Triathlon QLD for approval.

What are the cut-off times?

Progress cut off times are, 1 hr 15 min swim, 3.5 hrs cycle, 2.5 hrs run will apply & competitors: will only be allowed to continue if the relevant doctor/official believes he or she can do so without injury or disruption to race proceedings ie presentations/pack up.